Dearest Friends,

So Much Enthusiasm

A man was watching the program on the street in Dublin and commented, "I go to church every week, but I have never seen such enthusiasm." This man attended a church where he was given rules to live by and told to be good. Faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross was not explained. Without Jesus changing us, it is impossible to please God. Pray for this new hunger God has planted in his heart.

Another man said the music refreshed him! A lady from Germany said everything she saw gave her chills. The refreshment and wonder they expressed are how I feel every time I hear about Jesus’s rescue plan!

Our friend from Friday night, Angelina returned. Her husband had given her a black eye. She has moved the children to a safe place. Her son sent thanks for the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Action Bible. Pray especially for these children who are stuck in a terrible place.

So Many Homeless People

There is no city I visit where there are so many homeless people. Different things took these people to the streets. One man shared how his 10 year old son died of cancer. His grief overwhelmed him and he lost his job . Then his marriage fell apart. Big tears rolled down his face as he shared his story. He was broken. Hold him in your prayers.

People came up after the show and requested prayer. They came with requests for healing, asking for help for all kinds of things.

Twice, people have prayed on the street, asking Jesus to rescue them. It is hard standing on the street, but it is also a great privilege! The people we see are usually not coming to church. They come to the shows surprised by the Gospel. It is news to them!

Please, Can I have A Bible?

A Brazilian young woman stopped and told us that she was the daughter of a pastor, but had wandered away from God while working in Ireland. She asked for a Bible, but we were temporarily out of them. Drake gave her his Bible. Please pray for her! We give away lots of Bibles!

In Jesus, Linda for God’s Handiwork, Reality, and The Ágape Puppets