Dearest Friends,

Happy Easter!

Everyone wants to spend holidays with their family. I would have loved to be with my children and grandchildren in Florida, but God is kind to me! I am with my Irish family in Northern Ireland. I am working with members of God’s Handiwork puppet team and Reality, an Irish Christian Band. We spent Easter together, standing on the streets of Newcastle, Northern Ireland. This is a popular destination for people who want to spend their spring vacation at the sea.

We were doing street shows. There are so many people here who never go to church. Someone needs to go to them. It is our great honor to tell them of the hope that is Jesus!

Street shows always present big opportunities to trust God and pray. It was fiercely cold yesterday with snow on the mountains of Mourne right beside us. The wind was blowing and all of us were very cold. We asked the Lord to call people to listen inspire of the wind and cold.

As always, God faithfully answered our prayers! In spite of a poor location and terrible cold, families gathered. They shivered , but they listened to the Gospel.

One family especially touched my heart. As I approached them with sweeties(candy), I saw their little boy back away from me. The mother explained he was autistic. I went and got a sheep puppet. I stopped a good distance from him and let him slowly invite me closer. The mother was very grateful and had tears in her eyes. They stayed for all of our shows, watching from their car that was parked close to us. I continued to engage with the little boy, tipping my pirate hat to him and waving. Please pray for this family who was so drawn to the wonderful news of Easter!

We are on the street again tommorow and need your prayers. We want permission to set up in a better spot and we are facing worse weather. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda for the truly "frozen chosen"