Bibles , Bibles, and More Bibles

A few weeks ago in Nepal, I watched my Nepali director, Tik Aram Baral ,stand beside the biggest pile of Bibles I have ever seen. Dozens and dozens of boxes filled his hallway; all of them written in the Nepali language. Each of them was given to a believer where there is a huge shortage of God’s word. We actually gave away 1000 Bibles!!!Very few believers in this region had access to the Bible before this last trip.

We distributed them through women’s Bible conferences that I taught and through pastors of small remote churches. I watched so many faces light up as they received the first Bible they had ever owned. It only costs 5 dollars , but for many this is an unattainable goal. I saw tears and watched some kiss their new Bible. Awesome!

Every February, I go to Nepal. I want to give away hundreds of children’s Storybook Bibles in 2019. This project will require thousands and Thousands of dollars,but you have 11 months to gather your funds. Please help the Nepali children hear about Jesus in 2019.

On The Road Again

I am on the road again. I am headed to Northern Ireland and Turkey. Please cover these days with prayer!

In Jesus, Linda