Dearest Friends,

The People of Afrin

Afrin is a district as well as a city in northern Syria. As a district of Syria, it is part of the Aleppo Governorate. You have probably never heard of it. Turkey recently attacked this area which is largely Kurdish. Many of the refugees that we are working with are Kurds and many of these people do not know if their family members are alive or dead. Imagine if you were in their place. Worse, most are not believers and so they do not have the comfort of the Father. I have had many opportunities to share with Kurdish people here in Instanbul, both at programs and at home visits. My heart breaks for them and their suffering. Despite problems with work, housing, food, medical problems….their greatest need is also our greatest need. They need to know Jesus! Please pray for the Lord to soften their hearts to the hope of the cross!

An Arabic Fellowship

God was very kind to me last Sunday. I had the joy of sharing at an Arabic fellowship. I spoke to the adults and then to the children . Joy!

Hitting your wife is a common problem in this part of the world. Men do not even think of it as wrong. One of the brothers shared that when he met Jesus, he stopped hitting his wife. When we see people with God’s eyes, we see their God given worth. So naturally, his heart was changed. Please pray for these brothers and sisters who face great persecution to follow Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda for many friends here in Instanbul