Dearest Friends,

Three Days in Instanbul

You would not think that 3 days can make much of a difference. However, three days spent well can see lives changed. In my first 3 days here I have seen God do beautiful things! I have been reminded again of the hope of the Gospel as I watched people’s faces when they heard about Jesus. You see the despair begin to slip away. I have seen the wonder of the cross as I watched people listening to the Gospel that others would have said would never listen.

I have been sharing with Syrian and Afghani refugees. Their old life lies broken behind them. There is no going back. Their new life is extremely difficult. They have no confidence in the future.

The adults can not find work so boys as young as 12 work to pay the family bills. I met a lady with a severe illness that is not being treated. I met another woman whose husband is in one country and she is in another. All of these stories are common.

Everywhere, there are children. I have told many of them stories about Jesus and how He can rescue them. Even though they are from a different belief, Islam, they love the stories about Jesus. They are hungry to hear and it is my great joy to tell them who He is and how how they can know Him.

I realize that this letter is a bit general, but I did not think it is wise to be too specific. This is not the safest place for many people. You can cover them with your prayers. You can touch their lives as you kneel. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda