John 1:29 in Turkish

Dearest Friends,

Surprised by the Father

The room was full of Muslim children and their mothers. It was my delight to tell them a Bible story. I talked with them about how Jesus loves us and why we need Him. They listened so intently as I told them the wonderful story of God’s rescue plan for us.

At the end of the program, something very sweet happened. A little Muslim girl came running up to me. She said,”I want to thank you! It was a beautiful story.”I thought it was the nicest gift!

Later, I spoke to their Moms. I was warned that they were usually a hard group, but that was not my experience. They loved our time together and asked me if I could move to Instanbul so they could see me more often. One lady said,”I am leaving here today with hope.” Many expressed a positive interest in what they had heard. Another lady had just asked Jesus to be her Savior. Awesome! She had come to faith as a result of some friends kindness here who faithfully visited her for a year and and half.

I had a most glorious day! Please continue to pray for these ladies and their children.

In Jesus, Linda