Istanbul is full of tulips.

Dearest Friends,


If I told you that I was going to do a program in a part of Instanbul where Islam was very strong, your expectations might be low. Though understandable, we too often forget that God can do anything! In such places, the Father delights to show His power and love! In such a place , I heard children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. Beautiful!

This was a very hard program as the drive was long and I had been requested to tell 3 full stories back to back with balloons and illusions. I was so tired when I finished and amazed. The children listened so well. They prayed! Afterwards, many of them came and shook my hand and more hugged me. They thanked me for the stories. I was very touched by one little boy who kissed my hand and then pulled it to his forehead. It was the best day!

Please pray for these children to grow in their faith. They are in a place where their new faith can grow .


By the time you get up to go to church, I will have already flown from Instanbul to Frankfurt. I will arrive in the USA Sunday afternoon. Please pray me safely home!

In Jesus, Linda