Dearest Friends,

Sacred Road

We are still in Washington state on the Yakima Indian Reservation . We love this work! Our new friends, Chris and Mary Granberry, are doing a wonderful work in this place. Everywhere there is so much brokenness, but in everything they do, hope shines! Their work gives children a safe place. Their work shines a bright light into the darkness , enabling the children and others to dream a different dream.

They are church planting through mercy ministry and community development. They build beautiful relationships. Chris and Mary want to work themselves out of a job, seeing Indian youth raised up to become the future leaders.

Consider the story of a brother and sister that they are helping. The children are 11 and 7. Their father and mother can not have custody. Their grandmother had cared for them as best she could until her death 2 days before Christmas. Their home has no power and no water. They stay there , taking care of themselves as best they can.

Their other relatives do not seem to want them. Thus far, the people that should take care of this problem have done nothing. Mary and Chris often rescue the children, but eventually, they are forced to return home to the place that is not a home.

The children suffer neglect, are not clean and always hungry. The little girl puts her trust in Jesus. Her brother struggles with his faith. There is no resolution to this story. For most of the children here, their story of suffering is ongoing. Please pray! Please ask the Father how you can help.

If you have a heart for these children, please visit their website
If you wish to contact them and help them with this work, please email them at: sacredroadministries Please help them help the unseen little ones.

In Jesus, Linda for all of us