Dearest Friends,

The Sweetest Show

I loved every show that we did for the Yakima children, but the last show was especially sweet! We set up under a big tree and there was a sea of children and helpers in front of us.

Our friends st Sacred Road have been working in this place for 15 years. The children they first served are now grown. Some of these children are their children. They were so responsive and so many of them called on Jesus. It was a beautiful show, full of hope.

There was one little boy at the show that grabbed my heart. His name was Little Wolf and he was not having a good day. I think that is what drew me to him. I tried to solve his problems, but thought I had failed. I was so surprised when he volunteered to wear a funny hat at the start of the program. Best of all, he was smiling. Even better, he truly listened to the story. I think my trying really blessed Little Wolf. Please pray for him! Please pray for all of the children!

The End…. The Beginning

We finished our time in Yakima and our new puppet team began their work. They have not yet decided on a name, but the team is so full of enthusiasm. They were an absolute pleasure to train! The puppeteers are pictured above. They are all Native Americans, ranging in age from 12 through 19. It makes me so happy to think of these amazing young people sharing with other Native American children.

Joshua is the children’s pastor, but he is also one of 2 new storytellers. He is Hopi. Chuck is the youth pastor and together they will do an amazing job. They tell stories with great energy!

I was given a beautiful fringe trimmed shawl as a thank you gift. It is a traditional gift. The Granberry’s kindness truly touched my heart!

Are We There Yet?

We have had some long drives, passing incredible scenery. We crossed so many rivers, including the Yellowstone River. I can not name all of the mountains, but I especially liked the ones named the Crazy Mountains. We stopped in Montana, North Dakota, and finally arrived in Minnesota. It is an incredible summer!

Sadly the Baum young people had to go home for a family vacation. Now it is just Drake , Kelsey and I to do shows. Please ask the Father to give us extra strength.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Ian, Erin and Caelan