Dearest Friends,


The Rose of Tralee festival is a place that we have worked at for well over a decade. Never have we enjoyed such a Friday night series of shows. We had no rain. The crowds were friendly and receptive. Not a single person heckled us or cursed at us.

More, it has been a long time since we had such an incredible Saturday! The picture above shows you only a part of the crowd the Father gave us. Matthew stood in front of an enormous crowd and gave his testimony.

As I told the stories, I was amazed at God! The street in front of me filled with children. They just sat down in the street and waited. Their parents were also listening. I could have cried with joy! Even when I began to talk about Jesus, no one left. In every other city, as soon as I said Jesus, up to half the crowd , left. Do not worry, because of our big PA system, they always heard the rest of His story. However, today was wonderfully different. This day was something extravagant that only the Father could do. Rejoice!

More Adventures

Please pray for our show tomorrow morning at a Catholic Church in a nearby town. We really want to do our best and we are tired. Also , please pray for our shows tomorrow afternoon on the streets of Tralee. The weather is predicted to be a problem. Nothing I have mentioned is a problem for our Father.

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey, Leslie, Reality and God’s Handiwork