Dearest Friends,

Three Gifts

Today, the Father gave us many blessings, but each show began with the same gift. We enjoyed setting up under enormous trees. The trees gave the children a comfortable place to watch and that always helps them listen. We also enjoyed the shade!

Usually, there is one show each day that rather stands out as a favorite. However, we mostly agreed that this was not that day. Each one shined in its own way. The first show was marked by the Hindu principal allowing the children to take a rather long walk to come to us under the biggest trees. We were very near a temple and many adults came from there along with villagers to listen. This was incredible! At the second show, we had over 500 children and adults and yet they listened incredibly well. I knew the Father was at work when they listened so carefully to the story. More, the Hindu teaching staff loved the program. It was beautiful. The picture above shows you only part of the crowd. Our last program was marked by the sweetness of the children.

We are working with desperately poor children. The life expectancy here is only 56. It is the extreme poverty that causes this number to be so low. Many are malnourished and die from illnesses that western medicine has long since vanquished.

Our poor in the west are rich by their standards. Most homes in the villages have homes with dirt floors made hard by treating them with a solution of cow dung and water. It becomes very hard, almost like concrete. Each day we see ladies mixing cow dung with straw, shaping it into small logs, and leaving it to dry in the sun. Then they use these to make their cooking fires. Even in such hard places , the children look up at me as I tell the stories and smile. They have the most beautiful eyes!

Even though my heart breaks for their suffering, I can honestly say that I leave them with a heart full of hope, knowing God the Father sees them and cares. I know the Father has a better place prepared for them as they put their trust in Jesus. It is a place with no more suffering and pain. I have learned to see heaven as so much sweeter from spending time with these little ones.

Please keep praying!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey