Dearest Friends,

***Please…It is very important that you do not post this report to any social media sites.***

Three Little Iraqi Girls

It is a gift to have the opportunity to tell children about Jesus. It is awesome when they listen! Kelsey and I spent part of our day with the little girls pictured above. They all drew me pictures to thank me for the story about Jesus that I told them. They thanked me for “ the rescue story”. Moon (her name’s meaning) , drew me a picture of Jesus on the cross. She said , “I did this for you because you love Jesus so much! Thank you for the rescue story! “ I almost cried I was so full of joy! She listened! There is hope!

The other 2 little girls drew part of my story pictures. They both included the heart with the crown on top and the cross in the center. This is part of the last drawing that I always finish with as I tell the children how they can know Jesus as Savior. Wow! They were really paying attention. All of them hugged me.

I never imagined that I would get to tell Iraqi children about Jesus! Kelsey was such a blessing as she shared with the children. She has a radiant smile! It was an especially sweet time for us as all of their parents were also there and heard the Gospel story . They are conservative Muslims .

I beg you to pray for these little girls and everyone else who was there today. Please pray that they will find their rescue in knowing Jesus as their King! My heart is so full as I think about these little ones and their desperate need for Jesus. They are refugees in need of a home. Only Jesus can give them “ a true home”.

The Ladies

I spoke to a group of ladies . I could not describe them to you as most were veiled and some were fully veiled, including gloves. I can tell you that some of them were really listening as I shared my own personal “rescue’ story”.

One lady was a devout Muslim and spoke, trying to explain away what I shared as being the same as in Islam. She said that there was good in all us and that we could agree on that. Since they knew that I worked with hurting and broken children all over the world , she was shocked when I disagreed with her and told the group that I was not a good person. I quoted Romans and explained that none of us is good. That is why we need Jesus. The time was not easy with the ladies , but the Lord gave me wisdom and love in my responses. Please pray for these ladies to discover their great need for Jesus and His righteousness.

We are being given incredible opportunities. We need your constant prayers.

In Jesus, Linda , Kelsey, and Dear Friends