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Dearest Friends,

So Many Faces

Every day I meet so many beautiful people , but I can not show you their faces. That is why you have a photo of tulips. They are everywhere in Istanbul! They are very beautiful, but not as beautiful as our new friends!

Let me tell you Elizabeth ‘s story. Obviously, that is not her real name. She is from a country that is under extreme persecution. I asked her how she came to faith. She told me an incredible story!

Elizabeth ‘s entire family was Muslim. Her sister ached to know God deeply and began to have dreams about someone who intrigued her. She planned a visit to a holy site, but was denied the opportunity. She began to question her god’s desires and power.

A friend saw her deep unhappiness and gave her a book. It was a New Testament. This simple act could have cost this person their freedom or even their life. They risked everything for this young woman to hear about Jesus. What are you willing to risk for your family and friends to know the Lord?

Elizabeth ‘s sister read the New Testament and was immediately drawn to Jesus. She became a Christian and gave the book to Elizabeth. She quickly followed Jesus. Her parents read the book and believed. Where they live, they can not have fellowship with other believers.
Meetings are extremely dangerous. Her country was described to me as a very dark place with no hope.

Please pray for Elizabeth and her family. She is returning home and wants to tell the children she knows about Jesus.

So Many Blessings

We are being given the sweetest opportunities. We shared with Afghan ladies. After we finished, several of the ladies thanked me and told me how much they loved what they had her heard. We shared a very clear Gospel message. I even drew an illustration of Jesus as the bridge to God. Most of the ladies had a really beautiful response. Some are probably believers. However, one lady was not happy with me, but at least she kept silent. Please pray for these dear ladies from Afghanistan. They have an ongoing opportunity to hear about Jesus. Please pray they listen.

We shared with ladies from Senegal and other African nations. This was a very hard group who were mostly arrogant and seemed to feel entitled. Their hardness made sharing with them a challenge, but it also showed me their great need. Please pray for these dear ladies. I was reminded of who I would be if not for Jesus!

Big Prayer!

Today we are sharing with devout Muslim ladies. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey and Dear Friends