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Dearest Friends,


Don’t you love the looks of delight and joy on the faces of these children. They are mostly refugees from Syria. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter was a real blessing to us! Life is not easy for these children. Life is very unsettled. They have known many things that no child should know.

Today, we told them how Jesus could rescue them. We explained how only He could take away fear and give hope. They really listened. Remember… these are Muslim children. Still, they listened attentively to the Gospel.

Even though they have so little, one little girl gave me a rose . Her gift was a joy to me! My greatest joy was telling all of them how they could trust in Jesus. Since they came with their Moms, their mothers also heard how Jesus could give them a new heart. It was a beautiful day!

Please pray for these children. Please pray for their mothers. Please pray for us. We start our journey home tonight. Please pray us safely there.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, and Dear Friends