Dearest Friends,

Joy and Hope!

Our first show of the day gave us all great joy! We set up in a thicket of trees beside the school. We were given 700 plus children and only one teacher came. He left quickly. Here is the amazing part of this story. I never had to tell them once to be quite and listen. They were incredibly well behaved. I know that God’s Holy Spirit caused those children to listen. They is no other explanation.

Seven hundred plus children sitting in desks and on the ground listened better than children at many church shows we have done in the US. These children are desperately poor and most would have been hungry, but somehow all of that was pushed aside as they truly enjoyed the puppet show. They clapped when I was telling the story and got to the part where Jesus calmed the storm! They loved the puppets and the young people ‘s testimonies. More, we heard hundreds calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them! They did not want us to leave and kept asking for more. It was a fantastic blessing!

I want to thank those of you who took seriously my request to pray for the children at the shows on a daily basis. It is making a difference!

Our second show was for a secondary school and the audience also sat quietly, but I do not feel they listened well. They were very unresponsive to a large part of the program including the puppets, but listened well to the testimonies the young people gave. Praise God!

My hope is always that someone was truly listening! No matter what happens, I remain encouraged because I know we were where the Father wanted us to be!


We visited a traditional blacksmith today ! I bought a handmade hoe for 4 dollars. We also went to a wood shop and had our wooden treasure chest repaired. I bought tomatoes in a market. I love Africa, but it is so very different from home. I find myself thinking about so many things. I am challenged to be a good steward of my blessings. Africa always makes me think. It makes me more grateful and determined to honor God in all I do! I hope that as you read these stories, you are thinking about your blessings and how you are using them for the kingdom.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie,Drake, and our Friends at The Hope Center