Dearest Friends,

Would You Like To Be A Blessing?

The picture above shows you typical homes in a Kenyan village. The walls are made of a mixture of mud, water, and cow dung. There is great poverty here, but their greatest poverty is that of the soul. Spiritually, this is a very dark place where witch doctors rule people’s lives with fear and intimidation. Most everyone in villages seeks the advice and help of witches. Sadly, even many Christians seek them out for solutions to their problems. The children need to hear the Gospel! Only faith in Jesus will enable them to live a different kind of life, free of fear.

I have fantastic news! We are training and equipping our first ever team made up entirely of orphans. The storyteller and the puppeteers are young people from The Hope Center, the orphanage where we are staying. Their lives are a beautiful picture of the family that we find in God.

To enable them to travel in June, July, and September (August the schools are closed), they need transportation funding. We need only 2000 dollars for them to be able to reach thousands of children with the hope that is found only in Jesus.

These funds would be administered by a dear friend, Bethany Griggs. She is in charge of the Hope Center Orphanage. I have known her for over 20 years. We share the same vision for these young people. Bethany has long dreamed of them having their own ministry team. They need your help.

If you wish to give, please send me an email with the amount of your donation. Then, when we reach the goal, I can notify everyone. You can send us the funds by a check in the mail made out to The Agape Puppets. Mail it to 6550 West Armuchee Road Summerville, GA 30747 ……OR……. you can donate online. Please go to our website for this option. It is

So, would you like to be a blessing?

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Leslie, Drake, and Friends at The Hope Center