Dearest Friends,


Yesterday a little girl told me very emphatically that she did not want a Jesus Storybook Bible. We were passing them out to the children after a show as a way to encourage them to learn more about Jesus. Then, as we were packing to go, she came over to me. I noticed her friends were not around. She said, “Please, I really want one of those books.” I happily gave her a book with the same smile that I had accepted her earlier refusal. She was very happy.

In the last 2 days, we have done 5 shows, all in places that are hard for children. The children we see have seen too much. They know about many things that a child should not know. The places that we are working are not the best facilities. They are hot and uncomfortable for the kids. They need many things, but most all, they need the person of Jesus.

Some of the children receive the books with such joy. One little boy named Micah ran about showing his book and exclaiming, “Look what I got!” He is pictured above in the yellow shirt. He was happiest when I gave him a hug.

Please pray for these children to fall deeply in love with Jesus.

In Jesus, Linda,Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie