Dearest Friends,

My World Is Broken

I love being in Baltimore! Every day we have the privilege of loving children who are living in such broken places. We can not change their surroundings, but we can see them, we can show them love, and tell them of God’s sweet rescue plan. Every day, we hear children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them.

The picture above is a typical street in the areas where we often work. Many of the houses are boarded up. Some have lost their roofs and you can see the sky through the windows. Often, only one or two houses on a street is still being lived in.

The children are surrounded by people who seek escape through drugs or alcohol. They see things no child should see. They hurt, but often, no one notices. Their world is broken. Hold them in prayer. Ask the Father to give them a desire to read the hundreds of Bible storybooks and other children’s literature that we have been giving away. Ask Him to call them to faith!

My Mother and Father Are Broken

Last night, we were given the sweetest privilege. We did two shows, one for teenagers and one for children. All of their parents were dealing with different kinds of addiction and they were stuck in the middle of their parents disaster. Often, the older children or the teenagers end up responsible for parenting their younger siblings.

Many of them are dealing with anger and unforgiveness. We spoke with them about the Great Healer, Jesus, who can heal all their heartaches.

The youth leader really liked the way we ended the program, talking about how Jesus is true treasure. He shared how he did not know that when he was growing up. He told them that he grew up with rats and roaches and determined that he would never be poor again. The money he made did not satisfy him. He told them that he was not at peace until he met Jesus.
None of us have peace until we meet Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie