Dearest Friends,

A Nepali Prayer Request

I received the following request from Tika Ram Baral in Nepal. He is pictured above at the head of a column of children. Please pray!

“ The flood situation is worsening. Today, Amit could not conduct regular worship in the church for they could not make it to church because of the flood.Amit told me that some houses in his village are damaged for they are made of mud.

In one of the villages where we did a puppet show(rat catchers’ village) and where we distributed beannie babies (this village is near the farm of a pastor, I hope you remember), where the local church has started free tuition for the children, has also been fully flooded. So sorry for this village and the kids there.

In Rautahat, the church could not do fellowship because the water entered in the church. It is the same case in many places. So far 40 people have been reported dead and many are missing. The flood destroyed two bridges of the highway which has made transportation from East to West impossible for the time being.

There is no power in many of the villages in the number 1 and 2 provinces of the country. My parents house is also flooded but they are safe.
The government news says that more than 80% of number two province is flooded where many have lost houses and property.

Please continue to pray for our country.”

In Jesus, Linda