Dearest Friends,

The 30th Anniversary Celebration was absolutely amazing! I want to thank all of you who came, who prayed for the day, or who wanted to be here and unable to come. I want you to have a small taste of what we experienced that day. My friend who led the worship that day, Dan Hudson, said that he felt he had a taste of Heaven. I agree! There were literally people there from all around the world and all around the United States under a big white tent in my backyard. I confessed I was surprised to see over 250 people come to the event, but I was very blessed.

The following three links are videos are from some of our global directors. Listening to them should give you an idea of what it was like for all of us who attended the celebration. We heard reports from all around the United States and around the world. Many people were able to finally meet the people that they had prayed for so many years in our emails. Everyone shared incredibly wonderful stories about how God is moving to rescue the children of the world. Please enjoy these videos and pray for the people in them.

Gerson and Family– Brazil/ Italy

Tika Ram Baral– Nepal

Nemesio and Family– Peru

In Jesus,
Linda and Kelsey