Dearest Friends,

A Most Wonderful Announcement!!!

Above you see pictures of my very dear board of directors. Since Mike went home to be with Jesus, these men have faithfully stood by my side and helped me reach well over a million people with God’s beautiful rescue story! This picture was made at the 30 the Anniversary Celebration.

All of us agreed that it was a perfect time to make a most wonderful announcement! I am thrilled to share with all of you what we announced on that very magical day. It is my great pleasure to tell you that Drake and Kelsey are the new Assistant Directors of The Agape Puppets. I will continue as the director, but I am looking forward to teaching them and learning from them. I am completely confident that they will be a huge blessing ( they already are!). They have both traveled with me for over 7 years. They know the work. They love the work! They see the children!

They both have university degrees and could have chosen other jobs. They have chosen to serve the children of the world. They have chosen to listen to the Father and obey. Please help them. Please pray for them! Please support them!

You can send a check with one or both of their names on the memo line. In March, they will become Mr. and Mrs. Drake Cabe. You can donate online. Just visit our website. Please send me an email and tell me who it is for. Also, you can support them monthly. There are so many ways to help and be a blessing!

Thank all of you for the love and prayers you have poured and continue to pour into my life. Please pour into Drake and Kelsey’s lives and bless them as you have blessed me!

In Jesus, Linda