Dearest Friends,

Our New Assistant Directors

Below is your first opportunity to hear officially from our new Assistant Directors. Drake and Kelsey are precious! Please read these reports and pray for them, The following is their reports from Ireland:

From a summer puppeteer to the assistant director, it has been such a blessing to be a part of this ministry. I’m thankful for this beautiful life God has given me. I am overwhelmed by all the prayers and love you have shown Drake and I. We are incredibly blessed.

Thank you so much for your prayers as we went to Ireland. When someone listens to the band or us, we do not always know what those people are struggling with. However, some do tell us. On a trip a few years ago, there was one lady who was going to commit suicide as soon as she got home. However, after she heard the Gospel and she decided that she was no longer going to commit suicide. Only God can do this. It was not something that we did, but what God did through us. We praise God for all that He did and what He continues to do. Please still continue to pray for the people that heard us during the tour.

Blessings, Kelsey

God never fails to show us how he can do amazing things on the streets of Ireland. Sometimes when doing street work, it can be very discouraging. It may be that it won’t stop raining, or no one seems to be listening or just everything seems to be going wrong. That’s just the nature of street work. But every time I have done this, God has sent His Spirit and showed up in amazing things! One particular day comes to mind, It was a very long day of being on the street for hours. It was great ministry, there were plenty of people watching and listening, the rain had held off mostly, and our favorite lady who chased Linda around the previous night, showed up again to listen. It was an exhausting but a very good day full of ministry.

Every night when we return from the street we always have tea, pray, and give reports of conversations that various people had been given the opportunity to talk to that day. One story I will probably never forget because it shows the work of the Gospel through the Puppet shows and the Band singing. This young gentleman rode up on His bike and stayed for a very long time. He heard the band sing and he heard members of Reality give testimonies of what God has done in their life. Then he saw the puppets and heard Linda tell the story and saw the puppeteers give their testimonies. He had been searching for meaning and he had just heard at least 4 people give him the same testimony about how God had given them the meaning and hope they had once searched for. And it brought him to his knees and he had a very long discussion with a member of the band and decided to accept God’s gift of salvation that day.

He told our friend that what really made it click for him was a puppeteer’s testimony of how someone looked everywhere for something to solve their problem. Their problem was that they did and said bad things, they tried to find their answer in friends and family, and they tried to be good enough, but nothing would work. And then they put their faith in Jesus and he took away this problem and changed their heart. And I hope you know that Jesus can do the same for you! The Holy Spirit is working through this ministry on the street and in many other places. So we thank you for praying for us! And we thank you for a wonderful celebration a few weeks ago. We ask that you continue to hold us in your prayers as we enter into this new and exciting stage of our lives with The Agape Puppets! Thank you all for all that you do.


Verona, Italy

Today, we are leaving for Italy to work with Fabianna and Gerson, our Italian Directors, in planting a team in Verona, Italy. Please cover us all with prayer!

In Jesus, Linda