Dearest Friends,

Our Italian Adventure !

Admittedly, our Italian adventure got off to a bit of a rocky start. We forgot a key piece of equipment, but remembered it in time to go back and get it. One of large duffels of equipment fell off of our truck and skidded at 70 miles per hour to the side of the road. It survived, though it require a healthy amount of duct tape. It was at that point that we both checked to see if we had our passports.

We missed our flight to Italy because they delayed us so long at security. Apparently, Kelsey and I both look very suspicious or at least , our luggage does. We caught another flight a few hours later, but they lost a bag in Italy. Praise God they found it sitting in a storage room.

Through it all , we smiled and continued to pray. I was continually reminded that if the Father’s love is reflected in our attitude, everything will be fine, even if it continues to be a bit of a mess.

Above you see a picture of all the luggage it requires to plant a team. The man standing with me is our wonderful Italian Director, Gerson Simioni. As I write these words. I am in a village at their home. I can see a mountain outside my window and hear church bells . We are so happy to be in Italy! Please cover all we do with prayer.

I Made A Mistake

Yesterday, I sent out Kelsey ‘s Ireland report. In it , she told a story about a lady who watched a street show and decided not to commit suicide. I thought she was referring to a story from several years ago and changed the introduction to the story. I did not know that it had happened again this year! Praise God. Twice He has used the street work we do with Reality to rescue people from suicide!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey