Dearest Friends,


Above you see a beautiful picture of a lovely little Italian town overlooking a spectacular river. Last night, we ate a pizza while looking at this beautiful view!

However, the most beautiful part of yesterday was meeting a new friend. He came from Verona to pick up all of the equipment for the new team. His name is Francesco and his face was full of joy! He thanked me so many times for bringing them the equipment. He said his wife was so happy that she had been crying for joy at the thought of it. On Saturday and Sunday, we will be with them in Verona.

I also heard a beautiful story about their church! Several families who loved Jesus came together to form a church. It would be the first Protestant church in their town, but they had no place to meet. A Catholic priest kindly volunteered space at the Catholic church that they were not using. When his members complained, he had an interesting response. He said, “They are Christians and if I am not with you, I will be with them.”

In time, they outgrew the space, but no one would rent them another space because they were Protestants. They asked the owner of one property to contact their friend, the Catholic priest. He recommended them and soon they are moving into a beautiful new building. Praise God!

The Father created the beautiful river. The Father opened all of these beautiful doors. Please pray for this new Italian team as they seek to bless the children of Italy with the beautiful story of Jesus and the rescue He offers.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey