Dearest Friends,

Poiché Dio ha tanto amato il mondo, che ha dato il suo unigenito Figlio, affinché chiunque crede in lui non perisca, ma abbia vita eterna.

This is John 3:16 in Italian. In every language, these words promise rescue and hope. Yesterday, we did a puppet show at a birthday party and shared this hope. It was a beautiful day! We were at a park and there were lots of children, as well as all of their parents.

When Fabianna and Gerson first immigrated to Italy from Brazil, they were faced with a huge problem. They needed to learn Italian. While they were studying, God kindly sent them a friend who could translate their programs. Giovanni is Italian, but he had spent many years in Brazil, so his Portuguese was perfect! He returned home with a passion to tell Italian children about Jesus. God put them together and they are a terrific team!

I had the sweet pleasure of watching Fabianna tell the story of Jonah. It had been a long time since I had been able to watch her. I was blessed and encouraged by the enthusiasm that she poured into her work. She delighted the children with her storytelling skill. Kelsey helped with the puppets. I wore Minnie mouse ears and tied balloons for the children.

It also gave me a unique opportunity to observe the crowd . All of the children and most of their parents seemed to be listening, but my heart broke for the 4 mothers who had no interest. They spent the entire time talking very loudly, much too close to the program. I watched many parents turn and stare at them, but they were oblivious to everyone else. Please pray for these 4 ladies to hear the Gospel! Please pray for all of the children to remember what they heard today and seek Jesus.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey and Fabianna, and Gerson ( Agape Italia)