Dearest Friends,

Gruppo di Pupazzo

I am thrilled to report that we have a new “ gruppo di pupazzo“or, if you are an English speaker, a new puppet team. I truly believe that they will do a wonderful job! They were so enthusiastic and attentive during a very long day on Saturday. More, they were overwhelmed that anyone would give them such a gift! They said that they had all been to seminars where people taught you how to do something, but no one had ever taught them and given them the materials they needed. Their deep gratitude belongs to all of you who pray and give to the puppet ministry!

I said to them in Italian, “ Sono felice di conoscere voi . Io ringrazio a Dio a tutti voi”. This translates, “I am so happy to meet you! I thank God for all of you!” No, I do not speak Italian. I practiced with Fabianna and Gerson’s children a long time to be able to say this little bit of Italian. I think when you try to learn a few words in someone’s language it makes them happy you tried.

We divided up all of the lessons between us. Kelsey is an excellent teacher in any language! Fabiana and Gerson were amazing! My big concern was that I wanted to give them vision for this work. A young teenage girl came up to me after I spoke and said, “ When I grow up, I want to be you!” She really encouraged my heart!

Please pray for our new team as they seek to organize. Ask the Lord to give them wisdom, passion and strength as they begin this new work!

Lodare Dio! Praise God!

Sunday was a beautiful day! We spent the day praising God and fellowshipping with Italian believers. The pastor asked us to present a taste of the puppet ministry in church. Faby, Gerson, and Kelsey did the most fantastic job singing an Italian puppet song. I told missionary stories. My heart’s desire was to challenge their hearts to see the children and tell them about the Father’s beautiful rescue plan!

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey and Fabiana and Gerson (Agape Italia)