Dearest Friends,

Happy! Happy!

Don’t we look happy? The red glasses are Gerson’s normal glasses. The rest of us found matching ones at the fabric store.

We were shopping so that we could fix a problem. When Fabiana and Gerson moved from Brazil to Italy, they came in their suitcases. They sold or gave away everything else. Their little girls gave away their toys to poor children in a village. They could only bring some of their puppet equipment . The only set of curtains they could bring was a very light set that they had used for some of their work and making videos. Though the solid brown curtains worked great for that project, they do not work well when most of your present shows are birthday parties.

They needed something that was bright and cheerful! So, we went to a fabric store to solve the problem. We bought the the fabric and Gerson hopes to have the new curtains made by Monday when they have a birthday party show scheduled.

Amazingly, their children were invited to a birthday party last Monday that was rained out. Today, Fabiana saw the mother at school and she asked them to do a show for the new date. Awesome! They will have the puppets sing, tell a Bible story, and tell the children how they can put their trust in Jesus. This is a beautiful opportunity! Many parents also come to these parties and that will hopefully open more doors! We are all praying!!!
Please pray with us!

In Jesus , Linda, Kelsey, and Ágape Italia