[Updates, Italy]

Dearest Friends,

A Picture Perfect Postcard

Above is an iconic image that everyone wants to take when they visit Italy. Our directors here in Italy live very near Venice. It is easy to think that this is Italy, a beautiful place that tourists go.

I would admit that the art, architecture and food of Italy inspire everyone who comes. However, there is another side to Italy that many people do not see. Of 28 European nations, children in Italy are the most likely to grow up in poverty. The southern part of Italy experiences a lot of crime and as a result, it is worse for children there. They often grow up surrounded by drugs ,alcohol abuse, and prostitution. This is also true for some cities in the north. They are most likely to have children who have only one good meal a day.

Still, the number one problem for children in Italy is that people have moved past a Christian experience. They no longer think they need God, unless it is Christmas or Easter. Children grow up with no knowledge of anything to do with the Gospel. They do not know Bible stories. Often they live with a wrong understanding of God’s rescue plan. They have the mistaken belief that they can be good enough for God.

I beg you to pray for the children here in Italy. Please pray for our 2 teams that are seeking to share with the children. Please ask the Father to bless their work.


We are headed home tomorrow, Friday . Please pray us safely there.

In Jesus, Linda, Kelsey, And Agape Italia