Dearest Friends,

An Urgent Prayer Request

As many of you gather tomorrow, please put this need before your churches. Please send this request out to all of your friends who love to pray. Our puppet director, Mahfood, in Lebanon has Covid. Presently, he is in intensive care in a hospital and extremely ill. His daughter and some of his friends have been writing to me. They are very concerned! I am very concerned! Mahfood is family to me. I have stood with him so many times in very difficult places, and always he has put the needs of others first. He has been fearless in presenting the hope of Jesus to people who have no hope. One of our friends that he led to Jesus was martyred for his faith, but Mahfood has continued to risk his own life to tell others of God’s great rescue plan. He is one of my heroes. I beg you to pray for him. Please ask God to heal him quickly and restore him to the work that he loves.

In Jesus,

Linda and Danielle