Dearest Friends,

In the Shadow of a Mosque

We went to a village today, and set up in the shadow of a mosque. God gave us an enormous crowd of children, teenagers, and adults that we guessed to be about 200. They were very challenging in their behavior, and I beg you to pray for our remaining shows in the villages. This particular village is known for its violent behavior, and desperately needs Jesus. However, we always see some children that are listening and the way they stare at us gives us the courage to keep going. Besides, you never really know who God is speaking too.

For most here, Islam is more of a tradition than a practice. Many have never really heard a clear explanation of the Gospel, and they live without any hope. Please pray for the people of Albania to hear about God’s great rescue plan for them. Though I did not enjoy the behavior of the children today, I was more saddened by the knowledge that they did not know Jesus. If it were not for Jesus in me, I would be far worse behaved than the children in the village today.

We gave out two cases of Jesus storybook bibles and many of our children’s tracts that we’ve had translated into Albanian. Again, I am so grateful to Kelsey for her help with this project. Also, I am so grateful for the superior translating skills of Donnie, the pastor at the church here in Bilisht. He is very animated and is a wonderful storyteller! In the pictures, you will see an image of Danielle captivating the crowd with her testimony, and Sam dazzling them with his juggling.

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning we were given the privilege of sharing in the service of the church in Bilisht. Then, we went upstairs and did a show for the children’s Sunday school. Above, you will see a picture of two children and a teenager. The boys told me that they prayed with me during the Sunday school show. Praise God! The young lady came to me and thanked me for challenging her to read her Bible. As part of the training for our new team, I told them they must be reading the Bible everyday. She is part of our new team here and was really grateful that she had started reading God’s Word. This is so beautiful!

Urgent Prayer

For over twenty years, I have been praying for God to open doors in the Balkans. By God’s grace, we are now training a second team in Albania. We have possible contacts for Macedonia, Kosovo, and maybe Greece! Please cover all of these possibilities with prayer. Nothing wonderful ever happens unless God does it.

In Jesus,

Linda, Sam, and Danielle