Above you see the sweetest picture of a family holding a sign that says “Thank you for setting us free”. Desperately poor families in Pakistan borrow money from brick kiln owner to cover necessary medical expenses or to bury a parent. Because of the way interest increases the debt, it is never possible to repay the loan. The parents, as well as their children, are locked into a lifetime of slavery making bricks for the owner. The children never go to school.

Bringing Good News is an English ministry that is changing the lives of these families. This ministry has started many Sunday schools that provide Bible teaching and basic school for children on their day off. Working with Ian Thomson, the director, I freed a family in memory of my mother. I thought of her in heaven rejoicing over this wonderful thing! This is a formerly Muslim family who has come to faith, and is now seeing God answer their prayers in ways they could never imagine. The father said this freedom “was like a miracle”. He said that he was so worried about the future of his children. His wife said, “it was painful to see my ten year old little girl working with us. We are so thankful to those who gave us freedom!” She said she hoped that God would bless the giver more and more.

I have worked with Ian Thomson and his son David for over two decades. I recommend his ministry, Bringing Good News, to everyone of you. If you are interested in doing something like this, it is really not so expensive. Please write Ian at the following email address: irthomson10@googlemail.com and ask him how you can help! Wouldn’t you love to open your email and know these people were thanking you?


I visited two countries on my last trip. England was my second stop. Besides spending precious time with the Thomsons, my very dear friends, I was also asked to share at a Bible study. I was awed by the ladies in the room! All of the ladies were in their 80s and 90s and still actively trying to learn more about Jesus. Most of them had served in some of the worst and most dangerous places in Africa during their missionary careers. I was so humbled when I realized I was surrounded by heroes!


I loved spending time with our Italian directors, Gerson and Fabiana Simioni and their daughters. They will be spending Christmas with me this year, and I am hoping to introduce them to many of you!

There were many special moments in Italy, but my favorite time was the afternoon we spent on an Italian mountain in the snow. There is a great story told from more than a thousand years ago about 40 Roman soldiers who stood for Jesus, even though it cost them their lives. The story took place in the snow near a frozen lake, and that is why we went to the mountain. We wanted to video the story and the puppets singing in the same kind of place where the soldiers’ story finished. Please watch for this video to be added to a future email and posted to our YouTube channel: The Agape Puppets.


How can I ever thank all of you who have given so generously to help my friends in Ukraine! I have worked all over Ukraine and everyday, as I read the news, my heart breaks.You have generously given $18,100 US dollars to this project! We have already placed $12,000 in aid and cash with Christians in Ukraine, and are about to send another $1000. We are working on a project for the remaining funds that I will tell you about as soon as I have the details worked out.

I spoke with my lead puppet director Vera and she sounds beyond tired, but still full of hope. In the midst of a war, she and her husband are trusting in Jesus, and sharing His love with so many.

We helped fund Sam Shaw, our Irish director, and his amazing trip to carry supplies to Vera on the Polish border. He and a friend loaded his puppet van and trailer, caught a ferry, and sacrificially drove across Europe to help our Ukrainian friends. Our friends in Ukraine that are staying to help those who cannot flee are heroes! I think Sam is also a hero! Please ask the Lord to protect Vera and her family and their church and all the serve. A missile from Belarus missed her home by only a few hundred feet. None of the Ukrainians are safe. Please pray for them everyday and ask God to have His angels shield them.

Danielle also has friends in Ukraine, but from a region where I have not worked. The reports she gets from her friends are disheartening and full of urgency for prayer. Apartments, homes, even schools and hospitals are being destroyed. Her pastor friend Vitaliy and his wife have stayed behind to encourage and assist those around them who cannot leave Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians are still trying to leave, and even more are unable to flee. Above you see a picture of Danielle and her little friend Marina from her trip in 2018. Marina is like many children whose lives have been destroyed by this war. Please pray that our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ do not lose hope, that they continue to encourage one another, and find safety when it is available.


This Friday, I leave for Nepal to work among mostly Hindu children. Sam Shaw is meeting me there, and together we will pass out Bibles at two women’s conferences that we are leading. We will be working with our Nepali director Tika Ram Baral, who is an amazing man of God. Persecution in Nepal has greatly increases. I beg you to pray for you Nepali brothers and sisters and their safety. Please ask the Father to open doors to share with many children. Presently, this does not seem possible, but God is the God of the impossible! I am especially grateful for my puppet team here in the US who helped me get ready for this trip in many different ways. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to follow Jesus with all their hearts!

In Jesus,

Linda, Danielle, John James, Elli, Jana, and Caleb