Dearest Friends,

The words above are not a place, but a person. Nar is our Hindu driver. When he first picked us up at the airport, he had a sort of decoration hanging inside the truck. He said it was to scare away the night witch. He is very worried about her. He worships the god that is concerned about mechanics. Hindus have a god for everything.

He is in his thirties but looks so much younger. He is married with a little boy. I really want to see this young man trust in Jesus. He comes with us to every show and listens. He has attended all the women’s conferences that we have taught and even the church service. He is hearing a lot of Gospel! Please pray for Nar! You can see his picture above.


We are overwhelmed with the beautiful doors that the Lord is opening for us! Below is a list of blessings and everyone is a praise!

We spoke yesterday at a church about forgiveness. They had just experienced a church split. I told mission stories about forgiveness and Sam preached.

We did a show in a distant village and heard many children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them

Yesterday afternoon, we did a show in front of Tik’s house. His children invited their friends. Almost all were the sons and daughters of high Brahmans. In Nepali culture, they are at the top of the caste order. It would be very rare for them to ever hear the Gospel, but even some of their parents came and listened. It was an incredible afternoon!

Prayer Requests

Tomorrow we climb another mountain to teach a women’s conference. Please cover the day with prayer.

Please continue to pray for the shoe project. While there, they will do special programs for the children and show the Jesus film multiple times. This is a huge opportunity for the kingdom !

In Jesus,

Linda, Sam, Tika Ram Baral, Amit, and Nabin