Dearest Friends,

I love working on the streets! You never know who will come and listen. Sometimes, you do not even see the people who are listening! A man heard all of us from several blocks away, and he came and found us. He spoke to Stephen, the band director of Reality. He was a very broken man, desperately in need of a rescue. Please pray that he will grab hold of the truths Stephen shared with him.

We were working with Sam’s church and they are focused on going out into the community. They set up tents and offered balloons, face painting and even a free barbecue dinner. While everyone stood in line, the band sang, and we did puppet shows. It was a great afternoon!

The children eagerly received the tracts that we had made for them. The cover reminds them that they are a treasure to God! Inside is a simple explanation of how Jesus can rescue them. On the back, we explain how they can put their trust in Jesus and follow Him.

Please hold us in your prayers as we work everyday on the streets!


Tika Ram Baral sent me a prayer request. He shared with a man from the High Brahmin caste about Jesus. His is a life of privilege, but he listened eagerly to the story of Jesus as Tik shared with him. He was so engaged by the story of Jesus that he asked Tik if he would wait while he went to get his family. They were a 30 minute bike ride away, but Tik waited. His children were all working on their doctorate degrees, but expressed unhappiness and questions about life. They took a Bible and agreed to read the book of John. Please pray for this family to accept the joy and peace that Jesus offers! You can see the fathers’s picture above. He is the one holding the cell phone.

In Jesus,

Linda, Reality, and God’s Handiwork