Dearest Friends,

Today we told hundreds of children at 2 schools that they do not have to be afraid. We told them they can be forgiven and forgive others. We told them that Jesus can give them hope and fill their hearts with love.

The best part of the day was the way they listened. At both schools, so many children prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to rescue them. They wanted hugs and gave me smiles. One teacher was so happy with the program that she told me she loved me! The principal at one school gave me a small crocheted teddy bear as a thank you gift. Another school bought us lunch. We were constantly blessed. It was a wonderful day!!

The photo above of the people in front of the stage is very special. The young man at the end of the group is Pablo, the Presidents of Runi Sumi and also my translator. The man in the baseball cap is Nemesio, Director of Agape Peru. All of these dear friends are a constant blessing!!!

Thank you for praying for us! Please keep praying! We have 2 more shows tomorrow.

In Jesus,

Linda for Ágape Peru and Runi Sumi