Dearest Friends,

Today’s show both filled me with joy and made me very sad. We were at a very large school with hundreds of students. A precious few seemed to really listen, but most were not as interested. I know some really enjoyed it because of their smiles, the hugs they gave me after we finished and the thank yous they delivered. However, this was a difficult group of children and young people. They struggled to listen.

I was told that gangs are very active in this school. More, there is a big problem with drugs. Though it is true that some of the students live in difficult places, that was also true at other schools. Out of hundreds of students, I only heard one little girl praying out loud, asking Jesus to rescue her. I have not seen this at any of our other shows. My heart broke.

These children desperately need many things, but their greatest need is a deep and wonderful faith in Jesus Christ! They have no problems that Jesus cannot solve!! Please continue to pray for these children.

In Jesus,

Linda for Agape Peru and Runi Sumi