Dearest Friends,

Two perfect Shows

Both of these Philly shows were outside and it was hot. At one place, we had difficulty because they had given permission for us to use one space and decided to send us to another area that was not so nice. I also got lost trying to find one location. We always have trouble parking my Yukon with the big trailer. The traffic is awful! We are nearing the end of our northern tour and everyone is very tired.

So maybe you are wondering why I described these shows as “perfect”. That is easy! We had children come, and they listened. We heard so many calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them! More, we were allowed to give out our children’s tracts and Jesus Storybook Bibles! These shows were perfect!!! How you see something depends on what you value. All of the stuff I listed was not important to us. We just wanted to tell children about Jesus. The Father kindly answered our prayers!!!

In Jesus,

Linda, John James, Elli, Daniel, Evangeline, Jana, Caleb and the New York team