New York, Philadelphia and Ireland

Dearest Friends,


Our last day in Philadelphia was amazing! We saw the Father open a door for us that everyone would have expected was impossible. I can not explain more, but I praise the Lord for what He did.

The children loved the puppet show. They were very responsive to everything they saw. More, they really listened. So many of them prayed, asking Jesus to rescue them. When we finished, one of the adults that worked with them, came and thanked me. She said, “Thank you for bringing the Gospel to my kids”.

These children live in a place where poverty, prostitution, drug dealers and violence are not a TV show, but a daily reality. However, these things also remind them every day that they need help. They see their need for Jesus!

Camden, New Jersey

Camden is not only the most dangerous city in New Jersey, it is one of the most dangerous cities in America. The city’s crime rate is four times higher than the national average. It ranks 14 in a list of America’s most violent cities. It is a terrible place to be a child. I have worked here for years.

I am so grateful to my friend Pastor Andy for finding a safe place for us to share with these children. He scheduled us a show at a Salvation Army center, in what is considered a safe part of town. The room was full of children! Many of them prayed loud and strong, asking Jesus to be their King! It was awesome!

Jesus is the light of the world, but His light shines brightest in the darkest places. We must see children who live in these places and seek to be light in their lives. Do not let anything stop you from obeying your Father as you seek to serve in the dark.

Pastor Andy

For many years, I have worked with Pastor Andy in Philadelphia. He is an extremely well educated man who could have had a very different life. He has chosen to serve in a very broken place, working to see Jesus’ light shine in a very dark place. He is a hero to me and always challenges me to love Jesus most! It is an honor to work with him and fills my heart with joy that I can call him my friend!

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Today, we are leaving for a trip to the “Emerald Isle”. My dear friend Jolly, Danielle and her husband Matt, along with my young Northern Irish puppeteer  Matthew, will be the puppet team. We will travel with our precious friends from Reality across Northern Ireland and Ireland doing street shows. Most people are not coming inside a church, so prayerfully we will see them on the street. Every trip, we see people who come to faith, praying with us in front of a store. Please cover this trip with prayer!

In Jesus,

Linda for many puppeteers