Dearest Friends,

The Atlanta Airport

At the security check in the Atlanta airport, I passed through the security check with no problems. However, I had my shoes on. When they realized that I was not 75, they insisted that I have a “special“ screening, since you must be 75 or older to keep your shoes on. This was not pleasant. I began to share with the lady that was assigned to me about what we do. It turned out that she works with a veteran‘s group. We now have an invitation to share with a group of veterans and their families. I love how the Father redeems the annoying things in life and turns them into blessing!

The Dublin Airport

As we waited for all of our equipment in Dublin, we began a conversation with a lady who was also waiting for her luggage. Though we waited for an hour, the time my friend Jolly and I stood there was a blessing. I shared with the lady about what we do to explain why we had so much luggage (9 bags).

She told me that she admired people with real faith. I smiled and said, “But you don’t have any, do you?” She quickly answered, “No!”

As we waited, we talked about how Jesus wants a relationship with us. I explained how only He can heal the brokenhearted. I told her stories about the children that we serve and how I had seen Jesus change and rescue them. We concluded our conversation with her promising to visit our website ( and click a button titled “Who is Jesus”. As she was leaving, she thanked us, and we all hugged. She was a very kind lady! I would really love for her to understand how greatly she is loved and treasured by God! Again the Father redeemed the problem of the luggage delay and turned it into a blessing!

Portrush and Portstewart

For two days, we are working on the northern coast of Northern Ireland at beach resorts. Yesterday, we worked in Portrush. It was brutally hot, just like a hot day in July in Georgia. This is very unusual weather for this part of the world. Though the crowd was not overly responsive, the fact that they stayed and listened was incredible!

Sam, our Irish director, dazzled the crowd as he stood on top of a large block and balanced on a board that was placed on top of a tube. They eagerly listened to his testimony. He had their full attention. A group of 6 teenage boys really listened to the Bible story I told. They were responsive, giving me thumbs up and smiling, when most just sat and endured the heat. The fact that 6 teenage boys stopped to hear about Jesus when they were surrounded by an amusement park is amazing. Please pray for these young men to find their purpose in following Jesus!

Today in Portstewart, we had an awesome time! It was pouring down rain, and we were literally on the beach. We prayed, and the Father kindly stopped the rain. We enjoyed huge crowds that were very responsive! I was delighted to see children reading the booklets and tracts we gave them as soon as they were received. Even the adults were attentive. It was an incredible day that blessed and encouraged all of us!


Tomorrow, we will travel to Galway. Please go ahead of us with your prayers!

In Jesus,

Linda, Jolly, Danielle, and Matt (The Agape Puppets), Sam and Silvana Shaw (our Irish directors), and Reality (the band)