Dearest Friends, 

One Beautiful Wednesday Night

Last Wednesday night, we had an incredible opportunity! We partnered with Dr. Ted Scoggins, who is on our board of directors, and his church, First United Methodist Church in Lafayette, Georgia. We used the same format for ministry that we use in Northern Ireland when we work with our friends in Reality, a Christian band. Ted and his worship band would play three or four songs then we would do a set. We included an opening, two puppet songs with a quick Gospel story in between, and the young people’s testimonies to finish. 

It was incredible to see all that God did as we watched Him pour His spirit on the crowd Wednesday night! We heard children calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. We were all surprised at how many adults videoed the shows as they were listening. We were even more shocked to see the hunger in the eyes of some children and more adults as they listened to Bible stories and missionary stories. You could see the Father speaking to them and calling them to faith. 

Please pray for all those who attended Wednesday night and ask God to give them deep and wonderful faith that will change their lives forever. Please pray for Ted and the other members of his worship band, asking God to bless them as they bless so many others. 

One Beautiful Saturday Night

Last Saturday night, I had 150 people for a hotdog roast and hayride at my home. We partnered with my home church, Highlands PCA, and a local supporting church, Subligna Baptist Church. We crowned a queen of homemade chili in a competition that produced many wonderful and delicious pots of chili. My favorite part of the evening was the puppet show that we did for the children. It was very similar to the format to the show we did Wednesday night. To our delight, we heard so many children calling on Jesus, asking Him to be their King! 

At both of these beautiful evenings, we had enormous spiritual opposition. I was so impressed with the young people and the way they gave of themselves sacrificially and solved so many problems. Even though not everyone was able to be at both shows, I knew that everyone was praying! I know God gave us the victory! 

Please pray for everyone who attended, asking the Father to bless them and give them a deep understanding of who Jesus is and how they can know Him better! 

Matching Funds

As some of your know, we have been given $17,000 in matching funds. This means that if you give $100, it counts as $200. This opportunity is available until all the funds are matched. So far, about $8,000 has been given, but we would like to see the Father match the entire $17,000. 

If you would like to help with this project, please follow the instructions below that give you two different ways to give. You may give online at by clicking on the Donate tab. You can also give by mailing a check made out to “The Agape Puppets” to 6550 West Armuchee Road Summerville, GA 30747. 

Love in Jesus, 

Linda for Ellie, Caleb, Janna, Danielle, Daniel, Evangeline, and John James