Dearest Friends,


I love throwing a rock in a stream and watching its ripples.

Yesterday, I was thinking about that as I looked at the many faces of new friends who came to be trained and equipped as storytellers. They came from all over Nepal. One man travelled for 2 days. Imagine a van and put inside 2 and a half times the number of people it should hold. Add livestock. The windows will not come down, and it’s hot. There is no air. Such a big commitment to learn humbled us.

The students were eager to learn and thrilled with everything they received. Their gratitude was so tangible that it seemed you could touch it. Picture them spreading out across Nepal, like ripples in a pond and leading tens of thousands of children to faith in Jesus Christ! I love this picture!

Each student received a bag full of 300 dollars worth of equipment. We had 30 of these bags prepared. Most came in pairs which is great because it can help each other remember. Their enthusiasm blessed me so much!!! Please pray for them! Also, please enjoy a picture of our Nepali puppet team!

If you wish to help with this wonderful project, please choose one of the following 2 methods to give. You may mail a check made out to The Agape Puppets to 6550 West Armuchee Road, Summerville, GA 30747. You can also give online at under the donate tab.

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Tika Ram Baral, and our Nepali Puppet Team