Dearest Friends,

The Great Adventure

Today, Wednesday, I leave for Brazil. By God’s grace and as a result of the hard work of our Brazilian Directors, we have 17 teams there! This trip is a little different for me. I will be meeting with our teams and hearing their stories. More, I will be offering them more training and equipment. Also, many people will be attending an open conference on how to tell children about Jesus and I will be teaching!Please cover this time with prayer! These friends will reach thousands of children with the hope Jesus gives!


I came home from India in February, but there is still more to be said. God kindly allowed us to share with over 20,000 children, teenagers, and adults. I confess to you that I love this number because it amazes me! The political climate is India dictated that open doors for puppet shows were not possible, but our God is bigger! He can do anything and He threw open doors for us. This was incredible.

However, there is something else about this number that you need to see besides the greatness of God! It illustrates the huge need this country has for an ocean of people to go and tell the children about Jesus. There are 440 million children in India! This number makes me realize that we must train and equip everyone we can in India so that they can spread out across the country and tell the children about God’s rescue plan for them. On this last trip, we shared equipment with over 25 people, including 3 people from Burma. So many more asked for help with children’s ministry.

Please consider that 27 million children are born every year , but nearly 2 million of them do not live to the age of 5. Many are child workers and more suffer abuse of some kin. The number of children in India is greater than the combined populations of all of North America. We must reach these hurting children with the Good News!

It is my heart’s desire to return this coming year. There is so much work to do . Please pray for this opportunity!


We are supporting Tika Ram Baral with funds so that he can help and comfort some of the many in Nepal who have lost everything. He is our puppet director there and will make sure that all help is connected to the Gospel. In one area, where I was last year, 99 per cent of the homes are on the ground. This is a poor place to begin with and spiritually dark. I beg you to pray for my friend and for Nepal!

If you wish to participate with us in this project, please email me. Please pray!!!

In Jesus, Linda