Dearest Friends,

A Wonderful Gift

I came to Brazil expecting to only be teaching and training friends in ministry here. That was enough because I understand how important their work is to the children hearing about Jesus. However, God has given me a great gift. I am also doing shows for the children!

Yesterday, we shared with hundreds and hundreds of Brazillian children and heard so many praying out loud , asking God to forgive them! There was even a little boy from Nigeria in the crowd. Many teachers thanked me and wanted pictures with us. One teacher came to me in tears because the program had touched her heart. I hugged an ocean of children! Praise the Father for this beautiful gift!!!

Today, we are doing a street type show at a fair. Please cover this time in prayer!

Your Gift

We have a beautiful opportunity to put a great storybook and CD that talks about the story of Zacheus and explains God’s rescue plan in the hands of over a 1000 children. It was designed and produced by Faby and Gerson, our lead team in Brazil. It is fantastic! I wish I had it in English! This is a 1200 dollar project that I would appreciate you adopting. This could be your gift to the children of Brazil! Please let me know if you want to help!

In Jesus, Linda