Dearest Friends,

Jesus Is Better Than Spiderman!

Our time at the fair on Saturday was amazing! There was a train ride for the children, but none of them were riding it. We had all the children at the puppet show. So, Spiderman came over during the Bible Story and told the children to come with him. None of them left! The story of Jesus was more interesting to the children than Spiderman! God is amazing!

Afterwards, many adults and children came to thank us. One older lady came with tears in her eyes and said her day was lost. What she heard had given her back her day. A little girl came and hugged me. Her mother said that she was so shy that she never wanted to go near people until last night. She thanked me for the story. When her parents asked her what she liked best about the show, she said, "Jesus ".

Most amazing , a huge crowd of adults and children had gathered to listen to the Bible story. I usually refer to Jesus as the Great Teacher until a particular place in the story where I announce that He is Jesus. When I told them that the Great Teacher was Jesus they all began to clap and cheer. Incredible!

Mother’s Day

God was very kind to me today. I spoke at 2 different churches about the work with the children. People were very receptive and I am very encouraged! I truly missed being with my sons and their sweet families, but the Lord still blessed me today. It is an honor to be here in Brazil and working with Faby and Gerson. It is a sweet delight to serve these children! God is always kind!

In Jesus, Linda